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On July 4, 1960, Eddie Sulik was acclaimed by Billboard Magazine for his work as lead singer/songwriter of a rockabilly/pop act known as the Echoes. The Echoes released a string of Hits for the Columbia Records' label, including song titles, "Bye-Bye My Baby"; "Do I Love You? - 'Deed I Do"; "Loving and Losing" and "Ecstasy".
In 1961 Eddie returned to a solo career, performing several nights per week as a popular nightclub act. By the mid 1960s Eddie wrote and produced several new sure Hit recordings. His unique style incorporated Rock and Roll, Country and Western, Pop, Swing, and Latin sounds.
This caught the attention of the major record labels, and on December 9, 1965 Eddie was scheduled to meet with record executives, Archie Bleyer and Chet Atkins, in New York City. The scope of the meeting was to discuss a recording and music publishing deal. Sadly, just two weeks before Christmas, and less than 12 hours before this important meeting was to take place, Eddie Sulik was killed in an automobile accident near his home in Connecticut, at the age of 36.
The master recordings that this artist prepared in a briefcase for the record executives to hear, were left unheard for nearly 3-1/2 decades. On December 9, 1999, the 34th anniversary of his death, Eddie's long awaited album, titled, "A Farewell Legacy", was released to the public. This monumental CD collection included all of Eddie's final, previously unreleased treasures; all digitally restored, and remastered for explicit clarity and sound quality.
Coincidentally, December 9, 1999 fell on a Thursday, just as it did in 1965.




"Sweet Memories" Special Collector's Edition...


Package Includes...



RARE vintage tracks recorded by Eddie Sulik as lead-singer and songwriter of the Echoes, with studio backing by Nashville Legends that include: Hank (Sugarfoot) Garland, Grady Martin, Buddy Harman, and the Anita Kerr Singers.


Plus 11 previously unreleased tracks mixed from Eddie Sulik's original 1950s 'rock n roll' and 'country and western' demos.


Special features also include: rare licensed artwork by the great American Pin-up Artist, Gil Elvgren.


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