"A Farewell Legacy"

By Eddie Sulik

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Vintage music lovers rejoice! What ever your tastes are in music, you'll find it in "A Farewell Legacy". This lost collection contains vocals and arrangements like you've never heard before. All thirteen album tracks demonstrate Eddie Sulik's versatility and incredible talent, both as a songwriter and performer. Although Eddie's life ended before his music career ever reached its fullest potential, this album brings to the world a glimpse of legendary classics that could have been.

LeAnn released it on her latest CD: both Hank and Patsy made it a hit more than four decades ago, but you've never heard it sung like this before. We're talking about Eddie's rocking rendition of the Irving Mills classic "Lovesick Blues", an original arrangement that's 100% rockabilly. For other big sounds, sample Eddie's rockabilly/swing songs "Twist All Night" and "Lover", or just relax to the beautiful country harmonies of "Only Foolin' "; "Who"; and "Heartbeat". If you like your music unplugged, try Eddie's acoustic performances of "Where Can She Be" and "Puppy Love". This album also includes two alternate versions of Eddie's Italian/American love song "Anna Marie", the gun-fighter ballad "Bounty Hunter Dale", and rocker "Hard Rock Hattie", why? "Cause she will rock your world". Finally, a surprise bonus track; Eddie's last recording, an unfinished original R&B rocker, mixed into a complete song 33 years after his death.

Compact discs and cassettes include as a bonus; a multi-page foldout booklet containing never before seen color photos, song lyrics, and complete liner notes. All original recordings have been digitally restored, re-mixed, and re-mastered for explicit clarity and sound quality.

CD: $12.99 + $3 S&H

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Cassette: $10.99 + $3 S&H

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CD & Cassette: $18.99 + $3 S&H

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Or mail payment to: Hard Rock Hattie Productions, LLC. P.O. Box 147, Plymouth, CT 06782 U.S.A. Note: all funds must be in U.S. Currency, checks and money-orders must be drawn on U.S. banks.

Hard Rock Hattie Customer Service Phone: (860) 314-1534

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